Owl Peak Farm / la madera, nm

Owl Peak Farm, a demonstration farm in La Madera, New Mexico, emphasizing experimental agro-ecology in the flood plain. Owl Peak Farm is currently focused on soil building and watershed restoration, using hugelkultur raised beds, compost teas, no-till cover crops, passive rainwater harvesting earthworks and a riparian food forest towards this goal. Owl Peak Farm dedicates a substantial amount of its arable land to organic vegetables, herbs, tree library, providing local community with seeds, compost, growing space and education on sustainable growing. We are a high desert altitude 10 acre farm one hour north of Santa Fe or one hour west of Taos, situated on the Tusas and Vallecitos Rivers bordered by Kit Carson National Park. Beavers are the core of our farm management.


Owl Peak Farm / La Madera, NM

24 B State Route 519
P.O. Box 655
La Madera, NM 87539
Rio arriba County
United States

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